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As a business owner or manager you have to split your attention between important areas like strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, sales, operation, technology and equipment.

This can become overwhelming, especially if that area is not your specialty. So, if you want to focus on your business development while feeling secure about your data, technology, equipment or product development, you should take into consideration outsourcing part of your workload.

Below you can find out the services we provide and the main benefits of outsourcing to our team of specialists that strongly believe in professionalism and outstanding competence.

Application Support

Make sure your application is operating at full capacity, integrating with your providers and infrastructure.

Ops & Support

Round the clock monitoring and incident management. Low resolution times with initial responses as low as 15 minutes.

Video Streaming Support

From infrastructure, encoding, CDNs, DRM (digital rights management), software, protocols and OTT technologies to playout solutions.


Monitoring is used to collect data about the whole system, in order to measure performance or other related parameters that could indicate future problems.

DevOps & Sys Admin

Systems management & configuration tailored to your business policies. Build, test & deploy with continuous integration.

Software development

Custom-designed software development, testing and maintenance. Scaling and refactoring of existing software solutions.

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