Good execution & simple processes

We combine our experience with our flexible process to help you start or deliver fast on your project, irrespective of its size. These are the steps we go through when taking on a new project:


We ask questions in order to understand your business and pain points. We begin our collaborations by getting a clear understanding of your business profile requirements and needs., Maybe you want to develop a new application or you need support for your in-house app. Or you need streaming support, monitoring or daily management of your computer systems.

Types of activities during the initial discovery process:

  • Introductory meeting, gathering info about your business needs

  • Profiling your business

  • Consulting with our experts, focusing on specific technical needs

  • Defining of overall expectations and objectives

  • Financial flexibility for long term business partners


We tailor an end-to-end solution according to your specific needs and requirements. After we’ve identified your pain points, we will work on customizing the right solution for your business. Once we agree on the best approach, we move on to establish processes, timeline and any other details required for ensuring a good development of your project.

Types of activities during the initial planning process:

  • Developing a tailored solution and offer

  • Establishing relevant timelines and determining a way of work (communication, channels, routines, shared versus dedicated team)

  • Defining escalation points and responsibilities for our engineers

  • Planning the next steps for a secure & smooth take-over / start of the project

  • Contract signing


We build your solution through iterative steps, including reporting and testing as we go. At this time our software engineers are ready to get everything up and running smoothly. You may have a functional platform and just need our support and maintenance. Or perhaps we find that your current infrastructure does not meet your expectations and we need to intervene and help improve it. Or maybe you already have a team in place, in which case our services can help take part of the workload off your shoulders.

Types of activities during the implementation process:

  • Platform / service design and development

  • Assisting your customers with issues accessing the web application

  • Performing a triage of all incoming tickets

  • Platform / infrastructure / app maintenance

  • Project management

24/7 Support

We ensure a smooth service through offering 24/7 technical assistance. Special expertise is often necessary, not only when you encounter a technical problem, but also when new technologies are being implemented or performance needs to be pushed to the next level. Due to our exceptional technical knowledge, we increase system effectiveness, while reducing downtimes, resulting in cost savings.

Types of activities during the support process:

  • Prompt and direct urgent assistance in the event of malfunctions

  • Consulting for project scaling / new projects

  • New technology suggestions according to your needs

  • Monitoring and managing applications

  • Growth recommendations for your business

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